About me

Mi name is Teodoro Vázquez and I am a Chemical Engineer and MBA. I was born in Boal, a small village in Asturias (Spain) although I live in Madrid. I am over 60 years old and I love running.

I define myself as a Barefoot and Minimalist Evolutive Runner. I do trail running on huarache sandals or just barefoot running.

Since 2007 I have run over 40,000 km. As a minimalist runner I have run 35,000 km. I have run the latest consecutive 25,000 km completely injury free and accumulating over 5,000 km per year for the last 4 years.

My running philosophy

An evolutive minimalist runner should run like jogging, the same way as our ancestors did for endurance or persistence hunting.

Jogging is not about speed, but smoothness, flow, efficiency and sustainable movements. In conclusion, running should be a movement with the minimum energetic cost, which allows you to go out and run again the next day without any injuries or pain.

I use to run alone (except for a few times) and hardly ever run competitive races. I run because I like it and it is good for my body and my mind. I run like a human, not like a robot. I try to be aware of my body and the environment all the time.

Running as if you were barefoot all the time is all awareness and sensations. Enjoying running is finding happiness all along the way, and not only at the end.

On this Blog I want to share with you my passion for Nature and for this way of running. I also want to share my experience and the knowledge I have gathered during all this time, on the different areas regarding Running. I hope you enjoy reading this Blog as much as I do writing it.

If you like it I suggest you to subscribe as well to my Youtube channel, where I upload videos about minimalist running, barefoot running and alkaline lifestyle.

You can contact me through the comments on this Blog or the social networks. Greetings!

Teodoro Vázquez